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Build & grow your B2B business with a Virtual Chief Revenue Officer.

If you are a:
  • Client-based business or agency
  • Solopreneur, coach, or consultant
  • B2B small business owner or CEO



Who’s tired of:
  • Constantly chasing inconsistent and unqualified leads.
  • Unpredictable sales, revenue, cash and income that you can’t depend on. 
  • Cutting prices because you start doubting you can get what your product or service is really worth. 
  • Wasting time and money trying new ideas that don’t work, and missing out on compounding efforts over and over again…

I get it.

I’ve been there.

And I see it all the time with clients. 

Hey, I’m Ray. 

If you’re one of my 23k followers on LinkedIn, then you already know I’ve been helping B2B businesses scale by creating marketing strategies and building sales organizations as a Managing Director and CxO for 15 years.

I’ve built, led, and scaled revenue growth engines and organizations for:

  • The world’s largest business federation.

  • The world’s largest IT business growth coach.

  • The world’s largest B2B SaaS growth coach.

  • Private equity and investor groups.

  • And more…

 In 2021 alone…

For our clients:

  • I’ve helped one solopreneur 3X sales and clear $1mm in annual revenue by installing data driven marketing strategies and lead generation funnels.

  • My team and I helped another company create $247k/mo. in new inbound opportunities for their high ticket coaching program through sales and sales management coaching.

  • And I helped another company increase sales 66%, or $391,000, in my first full month as fractional Head of Sales.


In our own business:

  • Implemented a content marketing plan to reach more than 1 million people without spending a single penny on ads. 

  • Productized a scalable consulting offer that produced $147k in less than 90 days. 

  • Secured more than $30k/mo. in retainers from clients I actually love working with. 

  • And more…



All from a beach in Baja

Are you ready to see similar results for your business?

You can, by becoming a ‘Founding Member’ of our Repeatable Revenue community + coaching program today, risk-free.

Private forum access:
Get help from me and the community with creating sales and marketing systems to scale growth. 

Biweekly Repeatability Lessons:
Follow tactical, step-by-step tutorials teaching you how to market better and sell more.


Open coaching calls every week: 
Get answers to all the sales, marketing leadership, and growth questions you have.

Submit sales calls for review:

Get feedback on your pitch and presentation with a scorecard on what to improve.

Monthly business book reviews:

Receive notes, highlights, and video summaries to help you learn more using my time.

Tools, templates, and frameworks:
To build business strategies, lead generation funnels, sales plans, compensation plans, and more.

Community of B2B business owners and entrepreneurs you can relate to that are solving (or have already solved) the same issues you are facing.

And more benefits coming soon! 

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On masterclass videos shared within the closed community:

“Ray, you delivered more value in this 30 min video than the multi thousand dollar sales trainings big corporations give to their sales reps that I went through.”

Cleo Yi, Cofounder of Fernwood Real Estate Investment Group

“Working with Ray was like having my very own marketing Swiss Army knife. He had a tool for every challenge I faced and helped me use them to get more clients.” Ben Utley, Founder & CEO of Physician Family Advisors

“I hired Ray to perform a 360-degree sales audit to grow our business. He audited our entire marketing mix… I highly recommend Ray for any business owner that needs candid, effective insights to build sales.”

George Stephan, Managing Partner of Watermelon Social

And hundreds of other success stories built over 15 years using the framework that is now becoming the “Repeatable Revenue” method.

Get the content, coaching, and community to help you grow your B2B business with revenue you can count on - repeatable revenue.

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This is an exclusive community that only accepts driven and applicable CEOs, entrepreneurs & professionals. There is an onboarding process to ensure we’re the right fit.

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